About - Isa Agape

About Isa Agape

Isa Agape is a self-taught photographer and artist based out in Kerrville, Texas, whose work is focused on travel, landscapes, and portrait. 

She has also had her hands in music for over 15 years.

“Recently I’ve been in sort of a hiatus.” She says, speaking of the last 2 1/2 years. As if she could change her love for music any more than she could change her name. Sometimes we forget our own right name on purpose – because the voice calling us is too magnetic, too deep, a voice heard in the curves and canals of secret dreams. To forget is the only way to avoid the gravity of a passion that immortal hands have sewn into the lining of the heart. “It wasn’t until going to a Paramore concert that a spark lit up in me to go back to my love for music and creativity. I realized that when things don’t go as planned, the pain and disappointment of that doesn’t have to put an end to your dreams.”

“I’ve had a good break. Got to grow up a ton. Now I feel I’m in a really different place as a person, as an artist, as a singer/songwriter, and, yes, I have some things that I want to share. I hope that you, who have followed me all these years and even you who just got introduced to me, will continue to be a part of this journey I’m on. My heart is to capture beauty, moments, write songs that are real, honest, true, hard, messy and difficult – songs that help people be at peace, get some answers perhaps, and most importantly come in contact with love!” To find my music you can search iTunes (Isa Agape) or visit IsaAgape.com and/or AgapeProject25.com for my philanthropy work.

The Gear List


You’ll see below that each item from my gear bag is using a link attached to it. Those links take you directly to Amazon where, if you so choose, you’ll be able to purchase the items and have them shipped to you in time at all (especially if you’re a Prime member). If you do decide to buy something from below, and you buy it through that link, you’ll be directly helping to support my site here and the philanthropy work I do. I get a small cut from the sales and that’s awesome. So thank you in advance for your support. You ROCK!

Sony A7

My first purchase was the Sony A7. I figured I would start here. Its a great little camera that I will use for most of what I do. I LOVE the Sony models cause they are light weight which is most helpful when you travel a lot and hike a lot. If you want to get into landscapes and such, the Sony models are ideal as they are light. Aside from all that, this camera is just totally awesome and produces amazing photographs! 

Sony A7s

This camera is by far one of my most favorites!!! My second purchase and it hasn't disappointed me yet. Its my go to right now. Currently on a trip checking out Banff National Park and I am completely amazed at the quality and sharpness of this camera. Its an investment but my friend it is well worth every single penny! Do yourself a favor and get this piece of equipment! Couple with the 24-70mm you are pretty set. Both these items I have been using 90% of the time.

Sony 16-35 mm Zeiss Lens

This here is my work horse lens and I use it for most all my landscape photos! This is made by Zeiss and is very very sharp! I LOVE this lens. Its also super light compared to some of the lens from Canon and Nikon! This is a great lens for the price. 

Sony FE 70-200

This bad boy is so light and so sharp its hard to believe its a pro level lens! I was hesitant to purchase this lens as I wasn't sure I needed it but boy am I glad I did. Build-in image stabilization just like the Canon and Nikon versions. Its a great lens to have in your gear list!

Joby Gorilla Tripod

This little surprise was such a great buy. I use it often. I LOVE it as it is small and light. I love small and light with all the traveling that I do and this piece of hardware is perfect! You won't regret this buy.

WD 2TB Harddrive

Storage of your priceless photos is a MUST. Don't be cheap here. Make sure you have a place to store your photographs. I also have a dropbox account. It doesn't hurt to have multiple places to store photos. 

Goal Zero Solar Panel

If you're like me and you outdoors a lot, there's a good chance you will run out of juice on either your laptop, phone, or camera gear. This here is a dream and a must if you plan on hitting the great outdoors taking photographs. Better to have it then need it and not have it! And Goal Zero makes awesome stuff!!!

Sirui Tripod

A very light tripod! Great for hiking and traveling. Price is great too. There are some great tripods out there but I choose this one because I knew it would do what I needed and it was super light. It has helped me get some great shots too!!!

Sirui Ballhead 55lb Capacity

With an awesome tripod you must get an awesome ballhead!!! Great price. Quick release. Great addition!

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